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Gestionamos las mayores flotas de coches de lujo y súper deportivos de España.
We manage the greatest luxury and sports car fleet in Spain.

Ferrari Rentals

Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari brand, once said that cars have a soul, a soul built upon the dedication, passion and determination of its creators. These poetic words have an special meaning when referred to Ferrari cars. That's why lovers of this brand know that they are not only driving a car but also experiencing something unique. The beauty, elegance and the incredible roar of a Ferrari will give you a taste of everything Ferrari as a brand has built throughout its glorious history.

Enzo Ferrari began his career as a racing driver to later become an entrepreneur. He started the company Scuderia Ferrari that later became part of the Fiat group.

The combination of the experience earned during the time Enzo Ferrari competed and the exquisite work of the main Italian design houses began to forge the history of Ferrari supercars. Ferrari has been able to maintain the leadership position in the sports car market as nobody else thanks to the unique creations the launch year after year.

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