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Audi Rentals

The story of Audi began in Cologne, Germany when August Horch, an engineer, founded Horch & Cie. His first business adventure did not go well. August with his relentless and perfectionist personality relied heavily on research and innovation to offer the public the best of the best. Here he collided with the administrators who did not allow him to carry out the large investments he required. Thus, in 1909, with great determination, August created his own company. This time, he translated his surname into Latin to give life to the new brand. Audi or translated into English: Listen. Action that Audi has done throughout its trajectory, listen to its customers, listen to the market and offer the best cars.

Audi is one of the top players that has brought new improvements to the cars sector. He was the first manufacturer to position the steering wheel on the left in 1921 thus breaking the tradition inherited from horse carriages. They were the first to produce a large-scale car with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, with the DKW F1 Roadster and the Audi Quattro respectively. The TDI engine was first mounted by the Audi 100 in 1989.

Audi has established itself as a company leading innovation. Audi cars have the most sophisticated and advanced engines and components.

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